Goodreads asked Kay Castaneda Interview Question 1


How do you deal with writer’s block?

Kay Castaneda I don’t really have writer’s block unless it would be about something I don’t like. If I was assigned a job to write about sports or business, I would have to do research first. I am a procrastinator, and I’d put this type of writing off until the bitter end! Fiction and poetry are my favorite genres. They are much more fun. A problem with writing is not having a set schedule due to work and family life. My husband and I are self-employed and the hours are unpredictable. So I can’t just say I will write during the hours of 10:00 am to noon each day for example. When I do sit down at my computer, I continue with everything I worked on the day before (or last week)! The process of editing, revising and proofreading leads me to other ideas to write about. I might think of using a character in one of my stories or poems to begin another piece of writing such as a new short story. I like to think of my characters as being able to go from a novel and then moving into a short story or even a piece of non-fiction. When I think of a new topic or character, even a location, to use in new writing, I make a reminder to myself. I use a pen and actually write in a lined-notebook. Then I write what’s on my notes on a new Word document. Each document might be just a character’s name or what they will look like. Any ideas I have are assigned a separate document which I then save in a folder. I have folders named Places, People, Locations or anything that needs a separate folder. Some folders are named Novel Ideas or Story Ideas. I put bits and pieces of things I find that I don’t exactly know what to do with in a folder called Research. So what I really need is better time management and organizational skills even though I already do okay. 
I wrote something in response to an article on Twitter that another author sent me. It’s about WIP or Works in Progress. Too bad Twitter only lets you use a few characters! I hate that! This one is really short.
Should I say Goodbye to my WIP? Yes, no? I don’t have writer’s block. I love my premise. I have faith in it. I know I’ll beg it to return if I let it go. I want to finish no matter how long it takes. I’m resting, waiting for that nudge (shove), slap, anything. Make me sit my butt in my chair. Someone push me!?Thanks Anne
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