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    ​Yes, there is hate, disease, war, disasters and poverty. But there is something few people know about, and if they know, they may not care. CENSORSHIP. Social Media is free and fun. But what happens when ‘Someone’ or a group or organization restricts or takes away your freedom to say and write what you want? Or think what you want? What if someone decides your thinking is wrong or that you are guilty of passing along news that should be hidden? What if it’s decided by a group that you had ‘false information’? Would that bother you, or would it even make a dent in your life? Do you wonder why I am so adament about the value of books and reading? The printed word lasts for millenia, potentially forever, unless, Unless, someone destroys that book or page.  Do you know that stone tablets have been found with words or symbols (letters of the alphabet are symbols) from thousands of years ago? We have books from hundreds, thousands of years ago. Are you aware that Bibles, science books, love letters, political communications, religious texts and literature have been discovered and are kept in libraries all over the world? Do you know that events which actually occured in history are being erased or revised to reflect one point of view? I am not talking about political points of view. I am talking about gradually erasing something from the public’s mind so that they will forget, and therefore, future generations will NOT KNOW these true events. If you have never read the book 1984 by George Orwell, you must. Don’t say it’s just some dumb old book your teacher made you read in high school. The book is one of the scariest books ever written! No demons, no monsters, no serial killers are the antagonists here. Only humans who in the future (1984 has already been here) control the population by Changing The Language into a completely new language, Newspeak as it’s called. Changing the language therefore changes people’s thinking. You have likely heard quotes from this book used in the news or other places. “The Future is Now” “Big Brother Is Watching You” and more quotes. It’s a twisted, perverted method of twisting and perverting humans’ thinking until humans have lost control of their free will. God gave us free will. This control by evil people has already begun. You may not have noticed. Education, government, family, media, and especially religion has been infected by getting people to change their ways of thinking. Our language, our vocabulary, has changed so rapidly. Who would have thought a word such as ‘Trans’ would be used everyday?Trans=transport, bridge, carry, and the word is the root of other meanings. We have been transported into a time when evil is out in the open. Pornography can be instantly accessed on phones and computers. Sexual violence is the norm in movies, movies about demon worship, demon friends for children as pushed in kid’s toys, stuffed demon toys for infants. I am not inventing this stuff. There’s more, more, more! Please don’t laugh. All of this applies to your children, grandchildren and future generations. It is very difficult to fight evil, but we must. Read the Bible, read quality literature, don’t waste your precious time on junk. What started my speech today? I received a ‘Message’ from Facebook stating that I posted ‘Incorrect Information.’ I did not write the ‘Right facts’. I relayed ‘Untrue data’. What does this message from Facebook sound like to you? Censorship. A media organization censored my communication. I could write many books about this topic. If a friend told me what I said was incorrect, that is different. Facebook, Twitter and other social media allow evil things which I won’t get into now. My mistake or error according to Facebook is actually so trivial that you’ll laugh. I will tell you later what it was. I wanted you to reflected on Censorship. We don’t get our heads cut off for saying the wrong thing AS OF NOW! Keep reading! Thanks. ????????????☺

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