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Death Among Us: An Anthology of Murder Mystery Short Stories


5 Stars *****Mystery and suspense at its finest!
First, I have to talk about that cover-eerie, cold, deadly, it’s exactly perfect for this genre.
Ten outstanding authors have contributed three short stories to this anthology creating a wide assortment of murder mysteries to chill your blood.

5 Stars *****GREAT book!!
This is a GREAT collection of stories!! Each story is intriguing
and suspenseful!! There are bios and accreditation for each Author.
I will be looking for more books of each Author.
GREAT book to read at one sitting or to savour by reading over a few sittings.

5 Stars ***** Amazing!

A good anthology of murder mysteries. Stories of interesting and entertaining genre. Stories of murder and mayhem. Stories of the unexplained. Stories that make you think. From some of the best authors, new and seasoned. A definite must read!

4 Stars****Well-written detective fiction, serial killers and more

This reminds me of reading the Ellery Queen or Alfred Hitchcock mystery magazine. Each of the stories in the collection is a well-written and well-planned murder mystery short story, and it’s hard to find good short stories. There is something for everyone as the stories encompass detective fiction, serial killers, sci-fi, and much more. As is often the case, some of the stories may appeal to you more than others, but in general, I think any mystery fan will be quite pleased with the selections.