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Who The F*ck Am I?: Steve Regan Undercover Cop Book 1

I don’t usually read crime fiction books, so I didn’t know what to expect. After reading Who The F*ck Am I?, I can say that I was entertained and couldn’t stop until the end! The character of Steve Regan as the laid-back undercover cop was perfectly described. I like to see images of characters in my mind as I’m reading and the author used vivid details for the people and action. The internal struggle of Regan as he’s assigned a case involving a Bolivian cocaine cartel, and whether he should give in to the lure of easy money, makes the character more personable. I liked the fact that Regan considered his life and how his actions would affect his mother. I don’t like to read about characters who are one-sided. Loves his mom but likes to fight the bad guys, Regan is one attractive fictional character. Author Stephen Bentley uses his experience as a former undercover detective in the U.K. to give the reader insight into the criminal world. This is Book 1 of his Steve Regan Undercover Cop Series. I will definitely be reading the other books in this series!  5 stars!


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