Going places with books

f3d11edcdb8ecac7f0bfba3f5375b6f6Where did you go today? I traveled far to visit with an old woman who told me a tale of when she lived behind a barbed-wire fence. The fence was rusty and sticky with the sweat of a million unwashed hands. Her friends stood beside her, holding her up because she was starving, freezing, shivering, and so hot her head hung down. The women, all of them, supported her and warned her not to cry or whimper any more. When she arrived home, their faces entered into the distant prison of her mind where she guarded them with love so they would be safe and nobody could ever, ever force them to leave. Her name is Hannah Esther Paula Sophia Bernadette Margaret Luella Greta Jocelyn Michaela Sarah Anna Lynne.

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